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Play is a child s chance to role play & create the experience of life they see before them

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Planning, design, project management and installation.

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Qualified Playground safety inspection and maintenance support.


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Getting Started

Designing the new play area: We do the first draft without charge. That will include a complete plan diagram with photos and a line item quote for all related cost. Expenses may be applied for site visits according varying distance from our home office in Connecticut.

Make a List about these following questions.

  • What are the features you like about your existing play environment. Including natural elements and play features.  
  • What are the features that give you concern about existing play environment such as Access, arrangement safety and aging issues. 
  • What are the features have you come across that excite you and that you would like to see included in your new play environment.  

We custom our designs to each environment.

The more you list the more complete the design. We like to know what is most important to you to best design the space we are working with. 

Look at our photo galleries :Our photo galleries are full of features inspired by all the different wishes and environments of clients we have worked with.


Quality & Experience

Our designs comply with the safety requirements of the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the American Society for Testing and Materials. Environment Design, llc is fully insured as a playground manufacturer.

Safety verses Risk

Our designs balance safety with challenging activity. Too many designs have eliminated physical challenge in the mistaken belief that challenges equate with danger. Actually, statistics show that children who learn how to climb, hang on and negotiate physical challenges are less likely to have accidents than those youngsters who do not have varied physical play.

Every playground offers a range of challenging activities and maximum safety. In fact, Environment Design has a superior record of quality and safety. No playground producer has a better record.

Environment Design, llc is fully insured as a playground manufacturer.

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We are not about play equipment

We design an integrated play environment, ranging from experiences with nature to opportunities for social learning.

Built from quality renewable and recyclable materials